Šárka studied at the Institute of Univertisity of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, where she obtained her master degree.  The topic of her diploma thesis was Influence of brassinosteroids and ecdysteroids on photosynthetis enzymes. She investigated the changes in the concentration of ecdysteroids after aplication of brassinosteroids and their effect on photosynthetic parameters.
Curently, she studies postgraduate program at the Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Králové. The main aim of her dissertation thesis is focused on preparation of surfactants potentially applicable in diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. The prepared surfactants will be applied for surface adjustment of gold nanorods and than these gold nanorods will be used as potential theranostics (diagnostics, imaging, therapy). She also takes a part in relavant project, which is the development of novel disinfectants against pathogens occuring in the hospital environment. In this project, she prepared new compound based on quartenary amonium salts.